We Do Translation & Localization In Many Languages, For All Kind Of Marketing And Business Material. Websites , Brochures, Softwares,IVRs And Much More. We Have A Team Of Qualified Native Translators From All Over The World.We Are Capable To Deliver Any Project Ontime And Within Your Budget,Contact US Today To Get  A Quote.​

We have years of experiance in translation and localization , we have delt with all size of project from brochure to flyer , from software to website , what ever your needs are we have a track record working for big brands ,we are good at privacy and will not disclose your client's name to any third party , we are more like your back office that is  more concerned to deliver you the job , without asking you who is the client and what is your deal with them, we assure a high level of perfection and accurecy . We can deliver the output in unicode, eps , doc , pdf or any other format .

Advertising & Marketing Colateral

Software localization is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. This process is labour-intensive and often requires a significant amount of time from the development teams. We have experts in all languages and from all industries to deliver the best localized version for any target market.

Software Localization

We translate in all languages and capable to deliver in any requiredsd format ,feel free to ask for more, we will be glad to help.

All Languages All Formats

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Translated version can be supplied to you via FTP, email, CD, memory stick or DVD in a variety of video file formats inclduing EPS,PDF, DOC, TXT  & JPG, subject to the language  . We can also convert the files to specialist industry formats ,terms and conditions apply.  

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