Tel Hybrids, Delays & Processor

(VoiceoverIP) technology has taken the telephone industry by storm due to its flexibility and low costs. It’s time for radio broadcasters to reap the benefits of this change. Our flagship products smoothly integrate legacy POTS lines with VoIP technology to deliver a new way to manage telephone calls for talk shows, interviews and contests. it can take traditional POTS calls, but breaks new ground by handling calls from "HD Voice"-capable telephones and Smartphones apps as well as high quality calls from Skype™ users .


Dump non radio friendly conversation with profanity delay, delay protection can keep your PD cool, Let us know your requirments and we can provide you with the best avaiable options.stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted.


Take your live performances and studios productions to the new level of processing , each of these effects and hundreds more are already set-up and ready for instant recall.Groundbreaking Harmonizer and Broadcast Delay technologies have revolutionized the audio industry.


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