With Radio In A Box You can Broadcast Your Radio From Any Place

The whole radio station fitted into one box ,where you need few hours away to operate a successful radio station, ideal for Armed forces, House Of Worship , Disaster recover, Campus Radio & Many More

What can you do with Radio In A Box?

You may broadcast a like a pro as most of the main stream radio station do from their fixed studios. you can play music do live announcements , take live calls , do the interactive show , just imagine any FM radio station that you listen in your day to day life. Now comes handy in a box that can fit into the trunk of you SUV and you have demount-able with a tower all can be fixed in a car or any camp , village or a town where you are located and want to address your target market.

Ease Of Operation:

1 2 3 Go :) Broadcast Like A Pro , Few Hours Of Hands On Training! Turn On The Power, Expand your Antenna , Take The Microphone & Talk, Now You Are Live .

Be a good broadcaster and be radio friendly , we may offer you a crash course if you have never been to radio, but all the engineering comes as a package , it is simply plug and play unit.

Here’s how to order:

  1. Share Your Target Market

  2. Tell us The Need Of Your Coverage Area In radius

  3. Tell Us About The Terrain Type Where You Will Use it

  4. We Will Compile Two Options As Per Your Needs

  5. Chose One & Do the Payment

  6. There You Go In Approx 30 Days Your Unit Will Be Ready

  7. Be Our Guest In Dubai & Pick The Unit Or We Ship It To You

  8. Two Options ! Come & Have Free Hands On Session, Pay Us & We Will Send Our Engineer To Do The Training On Location

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