How To Register & Start An FM Radio or A TV Channel In The UAE (Dubai)

This is the question asked by many investors, but when it comes to answers! You will hear stories that will take you from right to left and left to right. At the end you will realize that you at the same place where you started from.

The cost to operate as an FM radio or TV Channel on a pro level is not tiny, every single day the whole team should work hard with proper planing to make it a success. There are steps and procedures to follow. Though the Broadcast Media has a real huge potential, in the last 20 years we have seen many parties coming into the market and making fortunes out of this business but few vanishing after draining millions due to no experience, less experience or at time being over confident.

Without the indepth industry knowledge and market insight its just a dream. First the sequence to do things should be right and second don't listen to the wispers from some one who has never been involved in the process to setup FM Radio or TV from the shell and core to the turnkey! at times it is BOT tieup, a partnership or the most comprehensive consultation, project management, studios, links , trasnmission, coverage, contents licensing, regulatory approvals, broadcast licensing! That guarantees the success of the project.

Above all the back bone of broadcast media is the programming, concept development, Imaging and branding for your upcomming FM Radio or TV Channel .

If you are a serious client and you are looking forward for the most realiable and the comprehensive solution peovider in Dubai for The FM Radio Setup, TV Channels, IPTV or Online Radio in Dubai (UAE), Middle East Or In Africa! Get in touch with the Broadcast Media Zone and we will be glad to partner with you in your next media venture.

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