Start An FM Radio or A TV Channel In Dubai, UAE

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

Do you want to start an FM Radio Channel or A TV Station In Dubai or Beyond ! Broadcast Media Zone is the company to reach to. People from all over the world are coming down to Dubai to explore the best of the world, most of the buyer those who are looking for high quality and affordable Broadcast Equipment, Camcorders, Microphones, FM Transmitters & DVB-T2 Transmitters, School Radio Setup, Pro FM Broadcast Station, Playout & Graphic Machines at times not able to locate the right place to get all this under one roof , we always help and support all clients, mostly from Middle East, Africa & South Asia.

If you are in Dubai or beyond and planing Your Next FM Radio Station, TV Chanel, Sound or Video Studio

We are always at your service to welcome you to our office in Media City #BroadcastMediaZone Feel free to visit us and it is always good to call and fix a time so we may serve you with best of our knowledge and guide you on your media projects.

You Are Welcome Any Time

If you want to setup an FM radio station or TV channel in Dubai, in Africa, any where in Asia or Middle East! We will be just a call away.

Best Regards,

Broadcast Media Zone Team

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