How To Start An FM Radio & TV Channels In Dubai, UAE  

In-depth industry knowledge and comprehensive information, knowing each and every process is the key. Pre and post project! phases, requirements, issues , challenges And solutions to all that is unseen to those who never worked in this market. 


We are serving the market from two decades, if you are planing for a FM Radio or a TV Channel , you have landed to the right page at the right time, thanks to  our kind friend google whom we will never be able to pay back. 

You may avail the maximum benefits by using Broadcast Media Zone FZ LLC  as your turnkey partner  for your Radio & TV Projects, but  for now lets start with consultation!

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Broadcast Consultation | The Way Forward

Lets get rolling  straightforward  & to the point !

At Broadcast Media Zone, We are  hardcore follower of Comprehensive Broadcast Consultation and avoid the bits and pieces policy , a bit of this and a bit of that info will not lead anyone anywhere.  We have tried it few times and now back to what we believe in '' Comprehensive Broadcast Consultation" 


Kindly share an NDA so we may sign it for you to secure you, your client,  your business interest and/or  your ideas, that you may share during the discussion, this is the very first confidence building exercise and we will move positively and seriously towards the success of your project soon.

1- Share What You Wish To Start  Radio, TV Or Both?

* If TV kindly explain the type WebTV, IPTV, Satellite or DVB-T2

* If Radio kindly explain FM Radio, DAB, Web Radio or Satellite Radio

2- When  Are You Planing To Initiate The Project?

3- What Is The Status Of Funds For The Project?

4- Are You  At An Early Stage Where You Need Information & Once You Have All Handy , Than You May Look For The Backer?

5- What Is The Type of Contents  You Are Planing For Your Broadcast! Music , Entertainment or  Business & Information?

6- Do You or Your Client Own Any Media Entity As Of Now In or Out Of Middle East? 

7- If You Are An Investor, Kindly Share Your Details With  The Answers To All Above Questions .

8-  If You Are Representing A Client Kindly Share The Details  Once you Get  A Signed copy  of the NDA ( We respect you and your client's privacy & NDA will cover it legally, as we love to work through partners with the professional honesty , we do not bypass or skip the intermediary parties, you are the strength of our business and we will follow the terms and conditions agreed )

9- Upon getting your email we will evaluate our scope of work and share with you the cost for the Comprehensive Consultation, the list of deliverable & the processes with the timeline.

We will look forward to hear from you soon, thanks for your time reading through the text , if you may skipped few lines , We will request you to go through again as this will be very helpful and will save time on both ends.


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