Encoders, Decoders, IRDs & IP  Codecs

Encoders, Decoders,IRDs & IP Codecs are the backbone of today's broadcast,delivers live audio and video over a range of IP & satellite networks,  used by TV channels, FM & AM Radio stations and networks to deliver high quality, low latency audio and video from anywhere Internet access or satellite conectivity is available.


Audio & video IP codecs use the same technology to smooth out the "bumps" on the public Internet to allow broadcast-quality live video streaming. These units are especially optimized to perform well on challenging IP networks like 3G, 4G and satellite-based links.


 Our hardware device for audio & video signals encoding / decoding over IP (bidirectional/full duplex).It is compatible with most of worldwide standards and its architecture is open to support future formats and customizations.It combines application versatility (Studio, STL, Portable) with ease of use.Let us know your requirments and we can provide you with the best avaiable options. We can offer you unbeatable prices that no one else can. Kindly fill up the below form with the model number, your contact details and full address to get a quot now.

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