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StudioHub+ is the CAT5 wiring standard of shielded cables, adapters and connectors, all made to plug-and-play your studio.Add powered panels, matchjacks, tie-lines, patch panels and switchers to expand connectivity and functionality.


Hosa technology is the leading supplier of analog and digital connectivity solutions to the musical-instrument and professional-audio/video industries. Hosa has provided cost-effective, high-quality cables in the terminations and lengths required for performing musicians, recording studios, and video applications. Varity of connectors and adapters are available that enables one to integrate their equipment into most any environment.


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Kindly Specify the band for the BUCs and HSPA , we have these available in different powers for KA, KU and in C band. You can chose  the outdoor units ,rack mount or high power RF Systems. A wide range of passive components and subsystems are available, operating from 100MHz to 90GHz, including diplexers, couplers, combiners, terminations and tower mounted amplifiers. Please contact us for further details or for inquiries.

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