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High quality, cost-effective active and passive RF/Microwave components used in Satellite, Radar, Mobile and Broadcasting communications systems and numerous other RF/Microwave applications. Broadcast Media Zone's mission is to offer an unbeatable turnkey solution to meet needs of current and future wireless environments. Ideal solutions for both mobile and fixed Satellite Communication terminals.we have our equipment designed for high efficiency resulting in an optimal compact form factor with high performance and reliability. With the advanced customer interface and HTTP embedded web page, the operator is able to monitor and control the BUC/HSPA and the System Redundancy.We can offer you unbeatable prices that no one else can. Kindly fill up the below form with the model number, your contact details and full address to get a quot now

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Kindly Specify the band for the BUCs and HSPA , we have these available in different powers for KA, KU and in C band. You can chose  the outdoor units ,rack mount or high power RF Systems. A wide range of passive components and subsystems are available, operating from 100MHz to 90GHz, including diplexers, couplers, combiners, terminations and tower mounted amplifiers. Please contact us for further details or for inquiries.

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