BMZ Provides Broadcast Media And Technology Consultancy To Clients Looking To Start Media, IT and Technology Projects Around The Globe, The Consultancy Advice Covers Important Aspects Such As Project Management, Business Strategy, Planning And Project Coordination.We Are Capable To Deliver Any Project Ontime And Within Your Budget,Contact US Today To Get  A Quote.​

BMZ provides broadcast, IT and production system integration for radio stations, TV channels, data centers,IPTV setups and  much more. We are specialized in consultation, design, engineering, installation, documentation, training , service and maintenance for Radio & TV Channels. 

Radio & TV Channel Setup

We can help you to acquire broadcast licenses,  fixed or occasional uplink,OB and transmission services in Europe, Middle East and South Asia. BMZ provides a total assistence to form a media, IT, consultancy or  technology company in the tax free zones or under an offshore jurisdiction.

Broadcast Licensing ,Uplink & Formation

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Media, IT & Technology zones are playing a vital role in the economical development of any country, generating a lot of business opportunities and bringing the best of the entrepreneurs and investors from around the world to develop and execute the innovative and next generation technologies.  We provide support to the private and governament sector to develop these free trade zones. 

Media, IT  & Technology Zones

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