Broadcast System Integration

We Are Specialized In Broadcast,IT & Technological System​ Integration,The process of systems integration is successfully done for numerous clients. Broad arrays of different Broadcast and IT fields have been simultaneously considered in the planning stage of various projects

Tower Height, RF Power, Power Management, RF Propogation, Singnal Strength  Test, Coverage Area, Antenna , Dipols, Combiners,   and many more words associated with the tranmission sites , just knowing these words is not enough! Lets work together to understand  all this in details and get ready to experiance the best of the best.The more you watch us the better we look, the more you hear us the better we sound.

We have years of experiance in setting up traditional or fully digital broadcast studios that make your station's sound cutting edge and get you the edge in your market. Our custom made broadcast furniture give a great look to your studios, we are an award wnning company due to our innovation and technological advancements. We offer state of the art automation and playout well integerated with the hardware to give our clients an easy access to search and play content with ease. No matter if you are running local shows on your station or playing syndicated contents , we can provide you with all that you need to run a successful media entity.

Archived Contents, Live Feeds, Beepers and much more landing into your MCR, asking you to put them into the right order, old style MCRs can only waste your time, while patching cords from one device to another and still you are not getting what you want, contact Broadcast Media Zone to set up your next PCR,MCR, OB Vans, DSNGs and Uplink Stations, The more you watch us the better we look, the more you hear us the better we sound. 

Brodcast & Production Studios

MCRs, PCRs & Satellite Uplink

Transmission Sites 

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