Broadcast Equipment At Its Best !

FM Transmitters, Digital TV Transmitters, MMDS Transmitters,  IRDs, Encoders, Decoders, Modulators, Streaming Encoders, Point To Point Links, Variety Of Headend Equipment , CAS Software  & STBs For DVB-T2 .

Your highway to audiences. Your skyway to the world.

Where The High-end Technology Meets The  Affordability . Our Broadcast Transmitter Starting From 50 Watts To 10KW, with 2 years extended warranty.


Chose the model as per your needs, we offer our all transmitters with built-in  RDS Encoders & Stereo Coders.

DAB /DAB+ Headend & Transmitters

& Broadcast Towers . Full Hands On Training On Installation, Setup & Configuration.

Internet Radio Encoder & Hardware Receivers With Full Studio Equipment.

Ranging From 10 Watts to 10 KW Of RF Power & Every Thing In Between
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