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Radio Commercials

We provide a complete commercial radio production service including:

  • Scripting in accordance with the industry standards

  • Voiceover(s) selection in any language 

  • Recording, Production & Mixing including use of our extensive music & sfx library

  • Fastest turnaround & distribution to any station

  • Very Competitive Prices


Radio Commercials

Established as part of the world we live in, telephone hold messaging and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) play a vital role in a modern company's communications. Clear and concise messaging balanced with appropriate music, are essential to get the maximum return from you telephone system.

Telephone Hold Messages & IVRs

Telephone Hold Message

Station Imaging & Jingles

At BMZ, we have years of experience producing station imaging and jingles - both instrumental and sung, for companies and stations around the globe.

  • Corporate Identity jingles

  • Station ID jingles

  • Station Imaging

Voice-over Artists

We offer highly competitive rates and a fast turnaround; our priority services ''Same day '' and "Within An Hour '' are subject to studio and voice availability.

Same Day or Within An Hour 


We have voice booth facilities and access to literally hundreds of the top voice talent around the World. Voice recordings can be edited and processed here at BMZ and supplied to you in any of the industry standard audio file formats.


Voice-over Artists

Same Day

We provide live internet streaming service. If you want to stream your event live on the web, we can provide you with the turn key solution for occasional or 247 live streaming services compatible with smart phone, IPADS, PCs and MACs  

Live Streaming & Internet Radio

   Live Streaming

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Finished audio can be supplied to you via FTP, email, CD, memory stick or DVD in a variety of audio file formats including MP3, AIFF, WAV, and specialist telephony audio formats like Dialogic ADPCM, A Law and mu Law. We can also convert audio to most of the specialist industry formats required.   

Audio File and Delivery Options 

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